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Some years ago, I saw a video named 'Nuggets from the '60s', a band played 'Love is Beautiful thing', 'My Little Red Book' etc. "Who were they? Its really cool" I thought , they were Zakary Thaks. It was their promotional film in the '60s, the band manager made it as a tool to get gigs for the band, so fortunately we can see their live now. The band was from Corpus Christi , TX , they were influenced from The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds. Zakary Thaks involved lead Singer Chiris Gernoittis(he was 15 years old ! at the time '66),Lead guitarist John Lopez, rhythm guitarist Pete Stinson,Bassist Rex Gregory,and Drmmer Stan Moore. In '66 they signed J-Beck Records , and released their first '45 "Bad Girl" their original song ,the flip side of Kinks cover "I Need You".

Their most fave band was The Yardbirds. And Thaks opened Yardbirds .

From a 'zine"Not Fade Away" vol..1 No.3 1980?

Partial quotation of interview Carl Becker (J-Beck records),Mike Taylor(Vocalist with the Bad Seeds who wrote Zakary Thaks' 4th single"Mirror Of Yesterday/Cam Upi Jear Upir daddu's Footsteps"),Chris Gerniottis

NFA: The Thaks was a young band, while the Bad Seeds were a little older, how young was the Thaks?

Chris: Well,I was 15,Pete was the oldest at 17 and Stan,Rex and John were 16. NFA: That's something that'S pretty rare these days,a group that young. Just don't see it happening as much as it used to.

Carl: That's tight, but if you listen to these old Thaks records, Chris' voice is just unbelievable for a 15 years old, in fact nobody could believe he was that young...

Mike: There's just no incentive for bands today,I f they play their own material they can't get a job anywhere.

NFA: True....what about the "Face To Face"45,that was a big hit for the Thaks....

Carl: Yeah, biggest record I had on J-Beck,we really got into the guitar feedback on that record and the others too. We got known for having a lot of feedback on our records, think we got it from Jeff Beck....

Mike:Yeah, he should it to us when the Bad Seeds played with the Yardbirds in Corpus, he had this distorion box that worked great. Smitty down in Corpus made our fuzz boxes for usc.after we saw Jeff Beck's and told Smitty what it was...Beck said someone in England was makin' them and they weren'teven on the market ye....

NFA: Smitty didn't have anything to work from , just the idea?

Mike: Right, we just told him Beck had a box that made the guitar distort at any volume, so hemade one for Rod. He'd work on it awhile and get us to try it out , it wouldn't be quite work on it awhile and get us to try it out, it wouldn'tbe quite right so he'd work on it some more...

NFA:This all came about because Beck had one when you guys played with the Yardbirds?

Mike:Yeah, he had his guitar plugged into one and I asked his what it was and he said, "A fuzz box" Smitty finally perfected it and started selling them for $15.95..

Their second 45 "Face to Face " which featured 'feed back sound' was their best selling one. They leaned using "FuzzTone"!

They also played with Paul Revere And The Raiders,The Byrds, and Eric Burdon And The Animals.

Early in 1969, after the band broken up, Chiris replaced Ronnie Tanner in the Liberty Bell.

from Corpus Chiristi Caller,Aug.13.1966
Zakary Thaks individuals by Jean Compton
THe room was no bigger than an overweight surfboad;the musicians were five in numberand the sound was such that it made you wonder when the noise would stop and the music start.
  "You're playin' too pretty,Pete.You 've got to beat it right out".
  "I can't . I'll break another string."
It was an afternoon practice sesssion for the Zakary ks ,a local rock'n'roll band made up of five teenagers whose talents are masked by the deafening roar of a set of drums and theree guitars.
  Stanley Moore,Pete Stinson,Rex Gregory, Chris Gernottis, John Lopez and David Rasmussen, their equipment manager have been together about five months. All are 17 years old except Chris, who is 15.
"He's The Stubby little nneighborhood kid who used to come over and listen,"put in David.
Stanley,a senior at Carroll High School,is the unofficial leader of the group.
"It's his house",the others explained. The stall in which the boys practice is a room in Stanley'S home set aside fot that purpose.
  "Besides,he knows how to cout money." The Zakary Thaks recently released their first record, an original number called "Bad Girl" the words of which were written by Chris , the lead singer. The music was written by all of them.
The Band haas no regular job, but prefers
to play at private parties-"You make more money that way." Lately the boys have been playing every Tuesday night -with other local groups-at an open-air dance on Memorial Coliseu Patio.
Their exuberance brought them a trophy Monday as the first place winners in the Battle of the Bands at the Dunes at Port Aransan, and they were one of 10 bands invited to play at the Aqua Festival in Austin Thursday.

Reissud information

Zakary Thaks/Face To Face Cicacelic COL-0650

collects all seven of the groups singles plus unreleased masters and remixies with liner notes about their whole history.

The Bad Seeds and The Zakary Thaks/A Texas Battle Of The Band COL-0652

Two Corpus Christi legends contribute six songs each for thies electrifying release from the 60's.

The History Of Texas Garage Bands in The'60s vol.5COL-0664

2unreleased Zakary's songs , 5 Michael(Mike Taylor's solo work),2 Liberty Bell unrelesed , and more.

The Liberty Bell/Reality Is The Only Answer COL-0651Contains their all singles plus many unreleased tracks and remixes.

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