English translation of  the LINERNOTES

1. Goodbye (M. Fair) 2:07
2. What Can I Do (M. Fair) 2:25
3. Tip Of My Tongue (J. Lennon – P. McCartney) 2:07
4. My Very Best (M. Fair) 2:08
5. When I Return (G. Idering – S. Ringbom) 1:56
6. A Sad Boy (G. Idering – S. Ringbom) 2:07

1. Stones Fell (M. Fair) 1:50
2. From My Love (G. Idering – S. Ringbom) 2:27
3. For Him (M. Fair) 2:20
4. Too Much Monkey Business (C. Berry) 1:57
5. I Feel Ashamed (M. Fair) 1:51
6. Walking With My Angel (Goffin-King) 2:02

On the last night we recorded, we said to each other, “Well, now we’ve made an LP,” and in fact that’s just what we’d done.  We had planned to make an LP for quite some time, much longer than you’d think.  We used to say, “Guys, we’re going to make an LP,” but no LP ever came out of it.  “Where will we get the songs for our LP?” they asked.  “I’ve written a lot of great new songs like...”  – “Keep quiet!” they said.  “We know.”

From the beginning we wanted to have only new songs on it and had actually put together the ones we wanted to use.  We just didn’t have time to record the whole LP.  We had to go and do our military service, and then we went to school, so one after another the songs came out as singles instead.  We said, “Too bad; we’ll have to write other songs instead,” and that’s what we did.  Some of them also came out as singles, but others were never issued, until now.  On this LP, that you are reading the liner notes for, there are a few old songs, a few new ones, and some others.  Of course, a lot of people asked us to record those ‘others.’  “You have to do another LP,” they said to us.  “There isn’t room on this one for all of them.”

“Your Mascots” turned out the way we had imagined it from the start – almost.  “These are your own songs?” somebody asked.  “You know, it says here that M. Fair wrote almost all the songs.”  Well, we’re all involved in putting together a song, even though in the beginning it might have been Anders and I, for example, who wrote it.  So we put our names together into one name like this, with the first letter of each name: Mascots. Forsslund Adolfson Idering Ringbom.  So then it was More Fair – M. Fair.

When we were in the middle of recording, we discovered what a fantastic voice Boffe has.  It doesn’t get noticed so much on stage because then he’s busy drumming.  But we’re trying to convince him to sing, so you might just get to hear him sing and drum sometime.  It’s Boffe and I who sing on “A Sad Boy.”  And I do a little mimicry there too.  On “Stones Fell” it’s Anders and I singing, and on “When I Return” it’s Gunnar, Anders, and me.  I sing the melody.  On “From My Love” we all sing together, and it’s the same on “Goodbye.”  At first, we almost didn’t dare to record “For Him,” but we were persuaded to do it.  We thought it was too “classical.”  It was Anders and I who sang on that one.

Quite some time ago, it seems, when Gunnar and I wrote “Lessen,” we didn’t know whether we would have English or Swedish lyrics.  On this LP there is the English “What Can I Do.”  It’s Anders, Gunnar, and me singing on that one.  For a while we thought about releasing “Too Much Monkey Business” as a single, but we passed on that idea.  We put it on the LP instead.  We sing in this order: myself, Anders, Gunnar, Gunnar, Anders, and myself – one verse each.  I jump in with the mouth organ when there’s a chance, and that’s how it goes.

John and Paul wrote “Tip Of My Tongue.”  We had never heard it recorded, so we did it, Anders and I.  On the song “My Very Best,” Boffe sings all by himself.  “Fantastic!” the rest of us thought.  On “I Feel Ashamed” Boffe drums while Anders and I sing.  On the Bobby Vee song “Walking With My Angel” I sing alone, and I don’t have any Bobby-Vee complex at all.  Gunnar and Boffe sing “Ooo” on this one.

On the last night we recorded, we said, “Well, now we’ve made an LP,” and here it is.  Buy two of them – just to be sure!
Hugs and kisses,
Stefan Ringbom
P.S. Hi from the rest of the guys!

translated by H Mcneill