GS record which was released outside japan in '60s

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#1 "Lock music is very popular..Like Rady Jane and Yellow Submaline...But Japanese people cannot pronouce Lock'n 'Lorr,so we re-named it Group Sounds. "

Rolling Stone/March 1,1969 from "Rockin' in the land of the Rising Sun"
'60s beat explosion extended all over the world.
In some country the people called them as special word like in Japan people called it as Group Sounds (GS) in Denmark peple called it as Pigtrad musik,in Dutch they called Nederbeat, 'Neder'from Nederland (the Netherlands) and 'beat' from beat-music of course.
In France, and in French speaking Canada (mostly Montreal, some Ontario) the 60's beat music was called ye-ye. This, especially in Canada is what the music sung in the French language was refered to.
There were lots of Japanese Blazilian bands in Brazil. They covered Japanese GS songs. There were called ye-ye-ye.
Let me know the special naming in your country!

#2 If You or your father, your uncle were a member of '60s band Tell me the story, send me photo.. and more information or anything welcome!

#3 Please let me know the information about '60s Japanese bands'vinyl which was released outside Japan!

Peru  the tigers  on stage (my mary )   polydor SLPM1377

 Aussie press   and    Japanese press

Australia :
Spiders EP Philips  PE31"Bitter For My Taste,Furi Furi,No No Boy,Little Robby" Picture sleeve mono
Spiders 45,"Sad Sunset" picture sleeve mono
Spiders 45 "No No Boy/How Could I Fall In Love(Bitter For My Taste)
     picture sleeve Philips 40363
  from back sleeve on 45
The SPIDERS are Japan's favorite "eleki" group. And "eleki" is the Japanese monicker for "rock'n roll". "Eleki" can be defined as "electric" or "energetic" in Japanese. The Spiders are both. Actually the term became synonymous with "Rock" because the rythm, introduced there in 1960, utilized amplified electric instruments and the dances certainly were energetic. The Spiders, a seven-man rock group headed by Drummer Shochi Tanabe, started working in a teahouse in Kinsicho, Tokyo, which catered to American servicemen. They had used jazz groups previous to the Spiders' debut. You'll enjoy their Japanese vocalizing and their English lyrics on this record. They're really bilingual, for they have worked with such touring American rock stars as the Astronauts, the Ventures, the Honeycombs and the Surfaris, while English rock stars like Peter and Gordon and the Animals have shared Japanese stages with this remarkable septet. 

Blue Comets Blue Comet '66 Epic

Blue Comets Ojos Tristes (blue stars)/El Fin De Un Amor(Finale of Love) CBS 21.734

Blue Comets???
Spiders "The Sad Sunset/San Francisco"

Spiders   "Gimme some loving/Ban Ban Ban" TOP label, APH-CS-107

Los Blue Comets  45"Blue Comets 67"

Bunnys LP "Let's Go Classic"
Spiders 45,"Furi Furi 66/Bitter For My Taste"
Spiders 45"Sad Sunset/Hey Boy" Philips 332-851-PF picture sleeve Mono

Samurais 45,"Shu shu/Fresh Hot Breeze of Summer"



Samurais UA UP2342 "Gold Temple"
Spiders "Sad Sunset" Philips   BF 1531

Samurais: They formed the band as Vangards . In '67 they changed their name to Samurais.In Nov '67 they went to Europe and toured small club in wome countries.Bassist Tetsu Yamauchi joined Free, Faces later.
I want to know the label,serial number ,release date and  something about overseas releases of Japanese GS!!

Thanks to Ben Whitten ,Rene Klaasen,Glynis Ward,Marcelo Cross、Nazz

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