Sleep little girl(version1)/Tell me you're mine Platina PA102
Sleep little girl(version2)/Tell me you're mine Platina PA102
I should Be Glad/I cry/I Cry Platina PA103

Don't turn your back/Hound Dog Platina PA104

The one For you/I Got mojo Working Platina PA105

Bloodhound/Whatcha Gonna Do About it Platina PA109
So Many girls/I'm mad Platina PA115


I'll Be Doggone/Hitch Hike Platina PA121
In My Dreams /Leaving Here Platina PA122

Crazy 'Bout My Babay/Go Platina PA125

Miss Mac Baren/Get Up An' Get Goin' Platina PA130

In My Dreams


Secret Room/Friday On my mind Platina PA131
Every Raindrops Means A lot/Look What You Get ParlophoneSD6004
Gone Too Far/Understanding Platina PA134
One Red,One Yellow,One Blue/True Fine Woman Platina PA139
Dancing In the street/Those Rumours Platina PA141

I'm Going Out/Fuzzy Patterns Parlophone SD6005
She's Having A Baby Now/Sister's Got A Boyfriend Parlophone SD 6009
Mohair Sam/Ride Your Pony Platina PA145

Treat Her Like A Lady /Wanting Parlophone SD6011


There's A Blind Man Playin'Fiddle In the Street/Like a Woman Parlophone SD6024

Doctor Feel Good/Dimples Platina PA149

Fantasy Island/To Be Free Parlophone SD6036

I Read You Like An Open Book/Halcyon Days Parlophone SD6054

other 45
I'm the man you'll be lookin' for/leaving here NORWAY

11/1965 TAGES Platina PALP3001

7/1966 TAGES2 Platina PALP3002
11/1966 EXTRA EXTRA Platina PALP3003

3/67 CONTRAST ParlophonePMCS313


11/67 STUDIO Parlophone PMCS316

They also released many Eps.


Goran Lagerberg,Anders Topel,Danne larsson,Lasse svensoon,
Anders Nordh,Bjorn Linder,Mats Landahl,Bjorn Topel


I wake Up And Call/The Girl Once Had     (1969)
The Lilac Years(De Dalde Sina Hemman)/Six White Horses (1969)

Lost Child/How Can I Pray When I don't Believe (The Elephant) (1970)


The Lilac Years                      Fontana 881 015 TY (1969)

Tommy Blom
Du Kan Hitta Lite Har/En Dans Har Taget Slut   (1968)
Svara Mej/Karlekens Fjaril (1969)
Lilla Okand/Har Du Varit Med Om Det  (1971)

  Darling 1968  including Goran Lagerberg

The Hi-Baalls Lasse's former band.

japanese pressing of SPOTNICKS TOMMY TAUSIS


Reissue information
*This one's for you 
3cd box EMISvenska4751382 
their complete CD box.

*TAGES1964-68:EMI Svenska 4750292
Their best
*Pebbles vol.20 Sweden AIP10035
You can check out "Bloodhound(live)" 


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