partial translation from the linernotes
This group came from Hägersten, a suburb of Stockholm, and existed between 1964-1966. Bo Liljedahl (bass) was the most renowned member and later joined the super-group The Best. Their first drummer, Jörgen Norrestad, played earlier with Danny Collins & The Craftones, and wound up in the T-Boones for their third single "I Want You". He'd already left by the time "Roadrunner" was recorded. Instead Göran Fridh jumped in on the drums (he later played with the Namelosers after Per Alm quit that group). PHEW!

HI-BALLS The Hi-Balls, also from Stockholm, got together in 1964 and that same year they played before 22,000 people at a Swedish carnival. That autumn they went on tour with the then-famous singer Johnny Vee. The Hi-Balls made frequent appearances at all the hip clubs in Stockholm. This great version of "Baby Please Don't Go" was their first recording on Karusell (a Swedish label), but was for some strange reason never released.

THE SHAKE MAKERS These guys were from the southern part of Sweden, from Helsingborg to be exact. The Shake Makers made three singles, and their first, "Searchin' For Shakes" is available on the comp of the same name. This is from their second single and is a bit more laid back.

THE DEE-JAYS Came from England to Sweden back in 1963 and quickly became popular, especially as a live band. Their biggest success, "Long Tall Shorty," was on the Swedish top-ten charts for quite a while. This version of "Skinni Minni" was never released.

THE OUTSIDERS Another band from the city of Stockholm. The Outsiders consisted of four guys and formed in 1966. Their main influences were Jimi Hendrix and the Cream. When this tune was recorded, only three members were left in the band. SOONER OR LATER One of many versions of "Night Time," this being one of the better. They were, together with Manufacture, the pride of the city of Gävle and one of that city's most famous bands. These cats played together between 1964-1967 and in the beginning of their career they mostly played Chuck Berry covers. They toured England (the Cavern) and Germany (Star Club). The world only saw two releases from the band, these being: This Hammer/Night Time Harlem Shuffle/Don't Mess With Cupid released on Fontana in 1966 and 1967 respectively.

STEAMPACKET II "Only In Her Home Town" was the B-side of "Take Her Any Time." The single was also released in England, where the band called themselves the Longboat Men to avoid being confused with the English band Steampacket.

T-BOONES Yet another group hailing from Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. Not many Swedish bands were this primitive and raw in the year 1965, but the T-Boones sure show they were able to do it. This is still considered one of the finest garage tunes and is still played sometimes by new, young garage acts. This tune was a B-side of "At The Club", their first of three singles. In 1967 they put out "I Want You" (with Jörgen 'Girlsboys' Norrestad) playin' the drums. Being a great live act, the T-Boones gigged constantly at all the hep nightclubs in Stockholm. They later converted to heavy, psychedelic rock and changed their name to The Baby Grandmothers...

THE DEMONS From the small town of Charlottenberg. This was their only single, with "Come Back" as the A-side. They also participated on a Danish comp called "Hit-House Festival" (Philips QY 825703 1965).

THE FLIPPERS Previously unreleased because their label (Karusell) chose to let label-pals "Friends" release their version instead. The two versions were actually recorded at the same time (November 1965).

ZEROS INC. Back in 1960, front person Stefan Nordin helped form the Whisky Bottle Slickers, who later became the infamous Shanes. Two years later he was playing bass and writing songs with a guy called Kenneth Engström in the band Trixon. In 1965 he and Kenneth formed Zeros Inc. with Christer Ejnestrand, Tord Eriksson and Fred Nilsson. This tune is from their only single, an original, organ-based song that is a bit different from the other, more guitar-dominated songs on this album.

GUY & THE TURKS The super-group of this album! The members of this band must have played in each and every other Swedish band at the time. Previously known as Guy And The Customs, they put out a single on Fontana. They changed their name in 1964 to Guy And The Turks and released an EP on the Karusell label. Then they changed their name one more time, this time to The Best, and made some low budget recordings on the Sonet label (Beat Hits 65/66 and the so called Jukebox EP). The Best released only one real single in 1966 called "Back Door Man."

THE WIZARDS Formed in the spring of 1963 by four Norwegian dudes who moved to Sweden that same year. Not only did they release six singles, they also recorded with Mic Linder of Palmes, and Johnny Waard. THE SHAKERS This is a real little masterpiece dating from 1967.

The Shakers were real famous in Sweden, known from coast to coast. They were from Gothenburg and formed in 1962 as The Rangers, but they dropped this name because of its "western feel."