Shadows Of Knight

The Shadows of Knight were formed early in '65 by their vocalist Jim Sohns with his friend Norm Gotch,Warren Rogers,Tom Shiffour, Wayne Peepers.In summer of '65 they opened for Bryds, soon after the gig , Peepers quite the band. And  Norm quite too. Then Joe Kelly and Jerry McGerge replaced them.
vectorsJoe was a mamber of The Vectors. After releasing a single, Joe quite the band. Roger (one of Vector ) told their unfortunate memory :Onece Joe went with them,(shadows) tehy recorded 'Gloria'This happened at the same time I'd come back to Macbomb and rebuilt the band. We had 'Gloria'recored on tape,ready to press.We had three other songs recoreded and were on the way to Chicago when we heard the Shadows' 'Gloria'on the radio. I was up there whey they had a thousand kids standing at phonebooths, putting their dimes in, calling WLS wanting to hear 'Gloria.'Amd tjeu dodo tajt fpr jpirs amd jpirs. That's not a myth, I saw it "

In late '65 the Shadows of Knight went to Studio.They did 'Grolia' during an evening session.On Junuary 31st, they released 'Groria' on Dunwich.It had climbed to top10 hit on Billboards.It won #1 in Chicago.


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