"La La La" was their hit song. This is Japanese 45's sleeve
Many GS (you know it means Japanese '60s bands!) covered the song.

Shamrocks is one of famous Swedish band. And They were most successful Swedish band in Europe.
The band started in '62, the original member was Bjorn Wrangert(drums),Jan Granaht(guitar),Bernt
Ek(bass),and Goran Andersson(guitar). At the time they were instrumental group influenced from Shadows. Some month later,Dick Emretzon joined the band as a singer. In '64 they changed member again. New line up, was Bjorn,Jan and Jimmy Lindskog (guitar),Dieter Feichtinger (bass) decided to change their sound to be Liverpool sound .

Don't You Know She's Mine/Day Time Night Time (Jap Press)



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