The band formed in Manchester in '61. In '64 they moved to   Germany and Holland.They won a talentshow while they were in Holland in around '64/'65 . 1st price was a record they could put out by the CNR label .
They made a hit "Hello Josephine" in there.

Holland 1965

Holland 1966
UH9729 - Hello Josephine-(ain't that ) just like me

UH9722 : Some other guy-Just one look
UH9729 : Baby back now-Ann Louise
UH9767 : Greensleeves-Hey Honey
UH9785 : So Mystifying-Hey little girl
UH9788 : Balla,Balla-Mojo
UH9825 : Sweet and Lovely-Gloria
UH9878 : The Nana song-Too many lovers
as the New Scorpions -Stand by me-Tobacco road .    UH9858
Thanks to Ron Swart
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