Nuggets From Golden States

SHE WANTS A PIECE OF YOU (Ace/Big Beat, released May 31st 1999)

* In perhaps its most remarkable volume so far, Big Beat's acclaimed
Nuggets From The Golden State series continues with She Wants A Piece Of
You, wholly dedicated to the near-legendary garage band She.

* She were an all-girl band from Sacramento, California that operated
between 1964 and 1971 and were led by sisters Nancy and Sally Ross. Unlike
most acts ascribed to the "girls-with-guitars" genre, She was one hundred
per cent authentic - they genuinely played their own instruments, sang and
wrote their own striking original material and copped one hell of a bad
attitude that would put most self-proclaimed rebel boy bands to shame.

* Appealingly crude in their early incarnation as the Hairem, by their
later years She was a force to be reckoned with. The group became a
massively popular live attraction in northern California but unfortunately
never made a commercial breakthrough, despite healthy airplay for their
lone release on the Kent label, the classic "Outta Reach".

* Far, far more than a mere novelty, musically and philosophically She were
in a class of their own, with drop-dead good looks and such memorable tunes
as "Like A Snake", "Piece Of You" and "Bad Girl". And indeed She were bad
girls, getting thrown out of movie theatres and even the California State
Capitol building for their disruptive behaviour and smart-ass punk
attitude. Truly the female equivalent of the Stones.

* She Wants A Piece Of You collects together most of the combos recorded
legacy, including both sides of the Kent 45 and seventeen further cuts, all
previously unissued. All of the the compilation, from the Hairem's 1966
demos to the studio outtakes from the Kent session, puts every other female
garage band to shame, and much of it sounds ahead of its time.

* As with all Nuggets, the accompanying booklet details the bands full
history and a plethora of memorabilia and enticing photos of this wild and
most unusual combo.

* The potential audience for She Wants A Piece Of You is huge. Everyone
from die-hard 1960s girl group collectors through garage rock enthusiasts
to the cutting edge indie and riot grrl crowd will marvel at and enjoy this
exciting collection.

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So Glad I Found You (Ace/Big Beat CDWIKD 190)

IF THE AIR PLANE AND THE DEAD were the Beatles and Stones of San Francisco's mid 1960s rock heyday then the MysteryTrend were Its Zombies or Left Banke Peddlng craftsmanship and high quality pop songs in an era of burgeoning indulgence Ahead of anyone els except perhaps the Charlatans the Trend were the flrst alternative rock group in the Bay Area debuting in May of l965

Unlike the ex-folkies and beatniks that comprised the rest of the scene the group led by keyboardist and songwriter Ron Nagle were older and came from an art school background eschewing the jams and free form modality of other local groups for concise ensemble arrangements The kind of writing that was going on in San Francisco then to me it was dogshit says Nagle "Everyone was into this wankingsoloing psychedelicdroneout. lt was very uncool to play three minute pop songs Nagle and guitarist Bob Cuff were turnirg out gems like Carl Street and Words You Whisper by the dozen to the general indifference of crowds at countercultural hotspots llke the Matrix or Flllmore

Consequently the Trend were a neurotic, uptight set of individuals which lent their quirky pop an garage-bandedge Shows were few and far between for these musical outcasts who preferred cocktails to acid, and Burt Bacharach to Ravi Shankar. ln late l967, while all around were being signed up in a major label feeding frenzy, the group quietly broke up. Nagle went on to release the classic cult album Bad Rice before pursuing his chosen vocation as a world-renowned ceramic artist.

The combos sole vinyl legacy was the barrtstorrning l967 single "Johnny Was A Good Boy", but for years rumours have persisted of an unreteased album recorded for Kingston Trio manager Frank Werbe's Trident Productions So Glad I Found You finally uncovers these legendary sessions to reveal what could have been and it's a remarkable batch of material The bright Spoonful esque jangle of Ten Empty Cups and #One Day For Two  reflect an innate pop sensibility that is in stark contrast to fuzz-toned neuroses-laid-bare  liKe "Mercy Killing" and What lf I Ther s eclectic covers like Smiley Lewis Shame Shame Shame and the Whos "Substitute majestic mood music with the bossa nova Mambo For Marion and a forgotten masterpiece in
the epic So Glad I Found You And in addition to collecting together the Mystery Trends entire Studio recordings all resplendent in crystal clear stereo from the original master tapes So Glad I Found You adds a brace of illuminating demo cuts
including the cryptic Wake Up Cryin and erstwhile gultarist Larry Wests bewitching Lose Some Dreams to fully tell the story of this most unique group In tried and tested Nuggets fashion theres the usual bevy of pictures and memorabilia to Illustrate a lengthy sleeve note that draws upon the recollections of several band members. With this long awaited compilation a significant chapter not just in the San Francisco 1960s chronology but in pop musc history in general has flnally been closed.