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MISTY LANE,label,fanzine...origin..The label was sporadic with the first demo tape of the my 1988 band, The Side Walkers but it lasted a mere joke 'til 1992 when the "You better Know Why/Girl" 45 came out. It was first the fanzine then the label's name.

How it all started....It actually started casually , the'zine's first issue was just a few pages about Italian Beat, C.Kings, Norton etc.. It's was sort of a 'hobby' until 1994 when I started to see that records like "Weird Out!" or "Lost In Time!" the 2 "Beware!" and "Web of Mystery!" were selling, and interested more that the usual 100 people. I had collected hundreds of reviews from all over the world and the name started to be more and more appreciated, sort of a trademark for garage enthusiasts, something I felt very proud of it especially now that I've seen Misty Lane appreciated in USA, Australia and so on.. I've always been into music but I'd never thought this could happen. I don't usually plan things, I really live for the day.

Taste...........Well I've changed since then my taste and I know more now so probably some records could have be done differently. I feel proud of each release. I've grown up with my releases, and with each issue of the'zine. The main idea was to help the Italian garage scene but it's been pretty hard to deal with some bands here; some are too lazy, some too serious. In the end I'm glad I did put on wax some combos that pretty soon after they split up, so there's at least a cut which will testify their existence.

First releases.....The 1st official 45 by the Others was followed by some tapes given away with the'zine and then back on vinyl the "Beware!"#1, a split Otherts / Headstones ; then The Swedish comp "Weird Out!" with the Wylde Mammoths EP; Web Of Mystery #1 with Lust-O-Rama, M.Overcoat, Others and Lears. Then the Others 2nd LP "Lost In Time!" and Beware! #2 with Croakers, Stoici, Others and Fossils ; The M.Overcoat "Baroque Sound Of" LP and co-produced The Space Cakes debut LP "Taste The flavor of..". This until '94,then I released The Others "Going around",The"Surf'sUP!", The Flashback 5 EP, The Lears..45..

Dream releases from the past................If you're talking about 80's bands my fave ones were and still are C.Kings, Tell Tale-Hearts, Gravedigger 5, Things, early Fuzztones, early Sick Rose, early Creeps, Optic Nerve,..I'd easily release anything from 'em 'cause they were such an inspiration for all of us. No matter what people may say about the 80's garage scene I think that, without'em there would have been no garage scene today! If you're referring to the 60's I guess the early 'Stones, Pretty Things, Kinks, Byrds, Love, Seeds, Chocolate Watchband and Outsiders are without any doubt the main inspiration, but I could tell you many other nederbiet or surf-instrumental bands. That's why you find bands with almost every influence from '60 to '67 on the Misty Lane release list.

How bands get in touch...Many sent me letters and demos, other I directly wrote to or we just happened to meet at shows or on other occasions, I'm pretty fast to tell myself if I want a certain band or not to record for my label.

Setting shows in Rome........Not at all, it's almost impossible to set shows in Rome for my band, The Others. It would be a never-ending discussion about money and stuff and I don't like talking about $ or having more trouble in my life. If there's and address or any contact I can give, I will. But, let's face reality , today the kind of shows a garage band usually finds is with little money, bad PA and sometimes even no supporting audience. In Rome there's just 2 places to play! That's why we play for fun and love of this music.

Misty Lane Canada.........I had a chance to set a deal with some friends there to start a Canadian mail order with all our titles and hopefully release records in Canada. The first release there is The Girl Bombs' debut EP "Blow Up! with.." and the following's "Teen Scene" Vol.3 Canada with The Gnostics, Knurlings, Polyester Explosion, Polaris. The main idea was to open a record shop there as it would be easier there, than in Italy. At the moment we're working on it.

News,projects,gossips.....Well I want to see if all the bands I got in touch in the past months will actually release records with me. There are a lot more to contact and many more will contact me directly so...It's been cool talking about possible releases with ?&The Mysterians and The Gonn, that'd be a real blast! Also I was in "Touch" with Wally Tax for a possible Outsiders 'release and I've just heard from Nico of the 1-2-5s that they're back together..I really wanted to release Head & the Hares 2nd LP but after 2 years of talking nothing came out and then ..I think I've already listed all the current acts I like, a EP by the Boss Martians'd be great too but I already have a long long list of names and it's pointless to think about it now...Hoodwinks(UK),Saturn 5 (USA),BANG! (France),..there are too many... What I'm totally in at the moment is putting out 60's comp and always get in touch with more collectors to release beautiful records to sell at reasonable prices.

Fave Compilations........ I've been listening so much to the 'old' garage comps in the past years, "B.F.T.G." ,"Garage Punk Unknowns" and "Highs In The Mid-60's" the EVA, Phantom, Cicadelic, Moxie, Flashback, Arf Arf Records' comps mostly..Between the 'latest' obviously the "Diggin'For Gold" and the pretty good "60's Rebellion" series. I also really dug "North England Teen Scene"," Crude PA", "Relative Distance" and "Shakin'In Athens" and I'm not sayin' this because you're Greek or 'cause the author, Andreas is a close friend of mine, I really go nuts for the Greek bands (the greek gals are not bad either!) : Zoo, Olympians and Charms...The Others would love to do a cover in Greek! Also the Australian comp "Devil's Children" has got some cool bands, and I sure think that there's loads of stuff still to come out. Many collectors are not interested in releasing records themselves and think about this: many have asked for money just to give information on the groups! That really sucks! Anyhow what's worse is the price of the 45s in the catalogs, I found so many cool singles in USA for so cheap but you have to be there and dig,dig all the time!

Is Garage a way of life?.........I think so, that'it for me at least! It's pretty hard to say if it's a way of life looking at people just collecting records, it's different to live the spirit of those years then you'll probably live like you're actually in the 60s. I mean maybe if all your thoughts from the music to the clothes, and the objects you have around yourself belong to a certain era you certainly tent to believe you're actually living that era, maybe even more than the people who actually lived those years in reality, many members of bands or simply people in their 50's tell me so. I think that the most important thing is the attitude and the passion that came out in those years. You become sort of blind at the ugly present you dislike... it's surely weird but it can be a great way of living!

Now or then? What's more important?.......
Being selfish I'll say that garage music is certainly more important now, but to save what the bands wrote 30 years ago and to save the spirit of a simple, immediate 2 note song. This is what I really consider punk, forget the many trendy false punk bands around these days. At the time it's been good and REAL for teenagers bored to death or politically unsatisfied in their garages trying to follow their idols and begging for sexual freedom, starting from girls to look at themselves playing on a stage, well, it's exactly the same today but look at all the crap false and empty underground teen "idols" on TV and newspapers: it's all FAKE, so that's why we need garage music. I also consider myself lucky to have known this music, today we can look at those years and pick up the best records, books and ideas from the whole decade!

Fuck the CD......?Pretty hard question, while I'm writing this I'm listening to "Shaking in Athens" CD waiting to recive the vinyl copies as soon as possible! If these good things come out only on CD you don't have many chances, except maybe having them recorded on tape from a friend, as I often do. It's an option. You can also decide to go on with your personal war against CDs but you'll eventually miss something. We just have to wish that there will always be someone into releasing (at least also) a vinyl version , take for example Sundazed. I've been against this ugly and cold format since the start and I won't say now that I gave-up the fight but as producer (of only vinyl) I have to admit that it'd cost a lot less when at the post office to send 100 free or promo copies of CDs than vinyl, and if you're not earning a lot of money that's something that comes to think of , when YOU release something..

New and upcoming releases...............There are some very cool ones (the Thanes and 99th Floor are both out) plus the very latest releases are volume 2 (Greece) and 3 (Canada) of the TEEN SCENE EP series, and the first 60's garage moody folk-punk comp '65/'67 "LOVE IS A SAD SONG" which includes: BEECH RESRORTS : Springtime- AMERICAN TEENS : A Brand New Love- ONCOMERS:You Let Me Down-FIVE OF A KIND: I don't Wanna Find Another Girl-MOR-LOKS:There Goes Life"-SOUND OF THE 7th SON : I Told A Lie-MAGIC SOUNDS :Love Can Be So Fine-ILLUSIONS : Wait till The Summer-COUNTS : Now You're Gone-LAST TIMES : Don't Tell Me-BURLINGTON EXPRES : A Girl-PACERS :One More Change-DAVE & THE SQUIRES : The Girl of my dreams-CHERRY SLUSH: Don'twalk away-BARK OF PAPER MULBERRY : Wait-N.PATRICK WILLIAMS: Tears I lost for you-TRIPS : At least she's happy-GRODES : Love Is A Sad Song love is sad song

All the very best, Brian'66



MISTY LANE #16 + 45 THE FUZZTONES with Sean Bonniwell 1998

Latest incredible issue ! 84 pages,Color cover,glossy paper!Includes outstanding interwiews and articles: ? & The Mysterians,Love,The Grodes,The Gonn, Brian Wilson,Nobody's Children,Japanese 60's - Golden Cups, Beat Italiano,Tubi Burlesque Years, Biker Movies special, Horror B movies, Surf Guitars, Fleshtones, Chesterfield Kings, Fuzztones,Saturn 5,Boss Martians, Bradipos4,Slow Slushy Boys, Linkers, Shadows Of Reflections, Middle Finger & His Finger Tips, Others, Fase 4, Jens Lindberg, Hans Kesteloo,Mel-Tones, Walking Screams, Frantic 5..16 pages of 45s, Lps and Cds reviews, books, fanzines,
catalogs...NEW ISSUE!!!Lungimiranti, Minorenni,Doc Tomas Group,rare 45s,
Fantastic Issue not to be missed!Incredibly rare bands interviewed!!! Don Norman & the Other 4,Wally Tax & The Outsiders,I Koala, Primitives, Rokketti, Pecore Nere,Washington D.C. scene,1313 Mockingbird Lane, Hunchbacked Men, Kartoons,Petrifieds,Chesterfield Kings, Falling Spikes,Ultra 5,Girl Bombs, Woggles, No Counts,The Olympians,Many new combos,B-Movies,Go Go girls,lotsa reviews,'zines & books,ads,news 72

Misty Lane finally in english! First issue printed professionally on glossy paper! 62 pages of great articles on 60's groups and 90's faves! Tonsa reviews,rare Rds,45s,'Zines, B-Movies ,interviews and more..Music Machine,calico Wall, Nederbiet,Kenny and the Kasuals, Thanes, Chesterfield Kings , The Others,and more!!! -


Misty Lane
L.A.Pascucci,66 00168 Roma Post Ag. 97 Italy

order the complete catalogue!

V.A. "Beware" vol. 1 & 2 SOLD OUT!!!
V.A. "Surf's Up!" Vol.1 SOLD OUT!!!
SPACE CAKES LP sold Out!!!

EPs - 45s -7"s :------------------

“Her Magic Smile/Don't You know”  1995
Fab Ep release with 2 incredible tunes by the Byrds of Today's scene!!!
Includes truly inspired originals  with 12 strings,great harmonies etc.!!
Comes in blinding eye-catching optical  sleeve !. Ltd edition! A
must if you dig the sound of the mid-sixties...Very few last!

“Teen Scene Vol. 1”  1996 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated spanish
garage-beat bands!! Includes truly inspired originals by : The Flashback
5,The Gravestones,The Mockingbyrds,Doctor Explosions .Comes in
eye-catching pop-art sleeve!. Ltd edition! A must if you dig the cool
sounds of  the  mid-sixties...

"Teen Scene" Vol. 2 1997 EP
Greece strikes with 4 unblivable authentic sounding combos outta today's
scene! Dig The Cardinals and The Odd Mods(both rumored to be split up
now).Farfisa and Fuzz Guitars at their best with The Frantic 5 and The
Walking Screams too,a fab sleeve and a great classy sounding package,a

"Teen Scene" Vol. 3  1998  EP
Canada's back in full action with four great acts:The Gnostics pure Texas
punk psych sounds,The Polyester Explosion with a rare surfy treat,The
Knurlings with a total garage blast and Polaris with a another instro-Surf
gem,Not To Be Missed!Merinuk's artwork in full color too!

“Surf's Up! Vol.2”  1996 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most loved  surf bands outta
Italy!! Includes truly inspired originals by The Uninvited,petrifieds,UPS
and the Royal Knightmares. Comes in blinding  color sleeve . Ltd edition!
You gotta own this if ya like surf music!

“Sounds from the ocean Side!”(Surf's Up! Vol.3)  1996 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most underratedSurf-hot Rod
italian combo! Includes truly inspired  moody  and recerbered instrumental
originals and a authentic   art eye-catching sleeve circa 1962-63!! A must
if you dig the sound of Dick Dale and del-Fi comps! Reverb madness!

“Sea Storm” (Surf's Up! Vol. 4) 1996 EP
Incredible  Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated
Instro-Surf italian combo! Includes authentic inspired originals by the
band as well as covers of ”the Cossak” and “ Hawaii Five-O”!!!Comes in
yellow and blue   eye-catching 1962-type sleeve  . Almost  out  of print
and won' t  be reprinted!  A must if you dig the sound of  “Surfin' In The
midwest” , ”Diggin'Out” and so on..you won't believe they' re a  today's
band .

“Where is Wally?”  1996 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated spanish
garage-beat band!! Includes truly inspired originals and authentic covers
of the  Red Squares and Shadows of  Knight.Gotta hear to believe how great
these guys and gal were...Comes in blinding 60's style eye-catching picture
sleeve of the group. Ltd edition! A must if you dig the sound of the
mid-sixties...very few last, BUY IT NOW!

“Web of Mystery vol . 1” 1993 EP
Great EP release with even more great  tunes by four of the hottest bands
in'93!! Includes truly inspired originals and authentic covers by The
Lust-O-Rama,Overcoat,Lears andf the Others!  Folk rock,R&B,garage punk and
psych in one 7”!!! Comes in blinding eye-catching op-comic-art sleeve !.
Ltd edition! Get It! VERY FEW!!

“Web Of Mystery Vol.2”  1996 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the Breadmakers,OZ' R'n'B
Pride!The Worst,Canada's answer to the Gravedigger 5 + The Others,Italy's
garage-folk punk maestros and The Flypped Whigs,one of today's most
surprising U.S. act! Includes 2 covers and 2 originals !Comes in blinding
eye-catching B- horror-comic sleeve by Darren Merinuk! .

“The swingin'sounds of”  1997 EP
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the hip greek garage-beat band!!
Includes truly inspired originals and authentic covers of the 5 Canadians
and Escapaeds ! Comes in blinding eye-catching comic  sleeve of the group
by Darren Merinuk! . Ltd edition! A must if you dig the sound of the
mid-sixties...and the 80's scene!

“Same”    1997 EP
Brilliant new  release with even more great  tunes by Jens Lindberg newest
moody N.England type  garage-beat  band!! Includes truly inspired originals
 you can't miss! Comes in authentic '65 B/W eye-catching sleeve  ! Ltd
edition! If ya dig The Zombies and the Rising Storm you gotta Get It!

“Blow Up with..”  1997 EP
Newest  Ep release with many great  tunes by the Toronto,Canada-based
garage-punk female  band which's shocking the garage scene!!! Includes
truly inspired originals and  an authentic cover of the 60's queens,The
Belles “Come Back”.Also inspiration comes from Back from The Grave and all
cool 60's surfin'comps! Comes in blinding eye-catching picture sleeve of
the group. Ltd edition!A must if you dig the sound of the mid-sixties...and
thePandoras and the  Brood!

ALBUMS: -----------------------

FANTASTIC (& LEGAL!) garage & moody folk punk 60's comp. LP with: GRODES,
WILLIAMS...Info,pictures inside!

“Tales from the Boot!”  1995 LP
Fab Lp release with  the outstanding italian garage-beat  scene !! Includes
truly inspired originals and authentic covers by the Others,The 99th
Floor,Hermits,Space Cakes,Hairy Fairies, Hunchbacked Men, Fossils,Cave
Dogs, Uninvited and more!!! Comes in blinding eye-catching op art' 66
sleeve ! Very few last! A must if you dig the sound of now! Very few last
and won't be reprinted!

“Transworld garage scene vol. 1”  1995 LP
Already a classic  Lp release with fab  tunes by the most appreciated
garage-beat bands in Europe !! Includes truly inspired originals and
authentic covers by the Thanes,Doctor Explosion,No Counts,Hunchbacked Men,
Others, Kartoons, Smooty Filth,Flashback 5,Frantic 5 ,Nuthins,Mystreated
etc... Comes in blinding  blue eye-catching moody sleeve . very few copies
last! Won't be reprinted!A must if you dig the sound of the
mid-sixties...'till today!

“Transworld garage Scene”  2     1996 LP
'USA vs Europe' LP release with even more great  tunes by the most
appreciated garage-beat  bands!! Includes truly inspired originals and
authentic covers by The Woggles,Fortune & Maltese,Element 79, Overcoat,
Others, Nuthins, Flashback 5, Kartoons, Halfbreeds and many more! Comes in
blinding eye-catching op-comic-art sleeve by  Darren Merinuk !. Ltd
edition! Get It!

“The Baroque Sound of..”  1995 LP
Fab Lp release with the best selection of this 80's garage-psych legends!
Includes 12-strings,harpsychord originals inspired by the Strawberry Alarm
Clocks,Electric Prunes,Love,Music Machine,(early)Doors.. Comes in blinding
comic cover eye-catching sleeve by Darren Merinuk .Almost out of print and
won' t be reprinted!  A must if you dug the paisley movement or if you're
discovering it  today!

“Same”  1997 LP
Fant. LP release with even more great  tunes by one of the most appreciated
 dutch garage-beat  band!! Includes truly inspired originals and authentic
covers! Comes in blinding blue eye-catching op-comic-art sleeve  ! Ltd
edition! Get It!

“Electric Ragoo”  1997 LP
New  Lp release with many great  tunes by the Turin,Italy-based
garage-beat band which included Luca Re of The Sick Rose!! Includes truly
inspired originals and authentic covers in Blues-Magoos meets back from The
Grave style! Comes in blinding eye-catching picture sleeve of the group.
Ltd edition!A must if you dig the sound of the mid-sixties...and the Sick
Rose in the 80's!

“Undignified Noblemen”  1997 LP
The long awaited new  Lp release with  outstanding tunes by the best
european  garage-beat band!! Includes truly inspired originals and
authentic covers of  obscure groups!!! Comes in blinding eye-catching
picture sleeve of the group. Ltd edition! Nothing better if you dig the
sound of the mid-sixties...

TEEN SOUND RECORDS---------------

Teens 001 - THE FRANTIC 5
"Play at The Quinta"   EP
The debut release of this Misty Lane sublabel brings ya a fantastic EP with
4 incredibly good tracks by one of today's Greek best act! A cool shake
instrumental,a hot cover of Larry and The Blue Notes(no,not Night of the
Phantom!) and 2 GREAT original garagey tracks, gotta play it over and over!

"Something Moody and Groovy" 10 "mini Lp
maharajasJens Lindberg (the legendary swedish garage maniac who 's been behind such
names as The Crimson Shadows and The Stomachmouths) 's latest group after
the Hymen Of Tongues is here! The Maharajas continue on the moody side with
own,fantastic compositions,straight outta the New England 1966. On the
other side the Texas punk and R&B punk influences come out and it's...a
total blast!


Canada's own fracofone garage beat and ye-ye masters are back with their
second,incredible record. 2 Instros and 2 songs to dance,shake or just go
nuts to!!! Pefect 60's sound, look, instruments, attitude! This is a real
must have if you dug the mid sixties Quebec scene, Les Lutins and so
on...Fuzz, organ, snarly vocals, it's all here,get it!NEW!!!

Teens 005
V.A. "Go Surf with.."
Two of the newest,hottest italian surf combos in the real battle of the
bands! Some of the Scriteriati (from Rome) former members are real
teenagers in their 17 or so..but they actually spend time listening to
"Diggin'Out" more that the Spice Girls,NOW  that's COOL! Just kidding.. the
guys are in action since a coupla years and this is their debut
record,they're damn HOT and reverbered! The Bradipos 4 have been aroud
since  some years now and have a nother 7" out plus a cool demo. Here you
hear 2 of their best tracks! Surf and Instrumental sounds are alive and
well in 1998,hear this and HAVE FUN ON THE BEACH! Sleeve a-la Del-Fi
classics.. NEW!!!

THE OTHERS section:-----------------

Teens 003 THE OTHERS
"Everything's There" LP
The Others are back with a brand new,fabulous album. This is their 4th Lp
and as everybody says,their best so far. The band deliver 10 new original
songs with the usual mixture of garage punk, fuzz, Farfisa organ(yes it's
back!),vocal harmonies, folk rock and a hint of european R&B punk circa
'65-66! Voted as the best 60's album of 1998 it's actually a rare treat,
with it's  incredibly auithentic yet powerful and clean studio production
sound. You'll hear ghosts of Love, CWB, Seeds, Stones along with the
hundreds of obscure garage bands that influenced The Others sound in these
past 10 years! Covers of The Human Expressions,Mourning Dew,Aardwarks and
Q'65 appear too but it's the whole result to be the real winner in betwen
originals and covers.The album shows exactly a typical Others show during
their USA and Canada tour of 1997.If you're a long time fan or you're
discovering this band today this is the album you're looking for!NEW!

“Going Around with”
1995 EP Misty Lane
Fab Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated Folk-Punk
italian combo! Includes 3 12-string-uptempo and fuzzed out truly inspired
originals and a authentic cover of the Love-in's “That's all she
wrote”.Comes in blinding op-art eye-catching sleeve a-la Third Bardo.almost
out of print and won' t be reprinted!  A must if you dig the sound of The
Squires,Leaves,Blue Things etc...

“That's Your problem/You don't believe me”  1997 45 Zebra
Fab 45 (single) release with 2 classic covers of the Outsiders and the
Pretty Things'songs!  Comes in blinding electric blue  eye-catching picture
sleeve and transparent wax! ! It's a limited edition!  A must if you dig
the sound of  the european 60's beat!

“Won't Tell You lies”  1997 EP  Screaming Apple
New Ep release with 4 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated Folk-Punk
italian combo! Includes 2 covers of the Fallouts and the Picturian Skuffles
 and 2 Folk-punk originals inspired by The Outsiders,Kinks and N.E. bands!
Comes infull color picture sleeve and authentic production! Some copies are
in orange wax!

“About my town” /”Gimme Love” 1997  45 Detour
Fantastic U.K. release  With 2 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated
Folk-Punk italian combo! Here's the most mod-influenced self-penned songs
the band wrote in the past year! If you dig garage,beat and Mod -R'n'B this
single's for you!

"Lost In Time" 1994 LP Misty Lane

“Dreams,the Woody pad' recordings” 1995 (out in'97) LP Psych-Out LP
Authentic 60's release with 14 outstanding  cover tunes by the most
appreciated italian garage-beat band!! Includes real obscure gems from the
'65-67 period recorded with a 4-track taperecorder lo-fi sound! Comes in
blinding eye-catching op-art sleeve in ol' carboard. Ltd edition of 1000
(numbered)! A must if you dig the garage-beat sounds of the mid-sixties...

“So Far Out! - Live at Delta Studio”  1997 10”mini-LP Misty Lane
Fab new release with 8 outstanding tunes by the most appreciated italian
garage-beat band!! Includes truly inspired originals and authentic covers
of the Ascendors,Outsiders,Changing Tymes ,Painted Faces and Run-A-Rounds
Comes in blinding eye-catching picture sleeve of the group a-la Outsiders .
Ltd edition! A must if you dig the sound of the mid-sixties...

"Can't help but cry"
360 Twist! 1997 EP
First all american release! This fantastic Ep has been voted as one their
best effort! Four tracks in between fuzz,jangly,melody,reverb,vocal
harmonies... includes a cover of Gene Clark's "Elevator Operator"  +3
originals in their usual Back from The Grave and moody teen punk
sounding.fab color sleeve too,and whatta sound! First pressing Sold
out,here's the second..!

Infos and Orders
MISTY LANE & TEEN SOUND RECORDS c/o:Massimo del Pozzo, L. A. Pascucci , 66 00168 Roma, Post. Ag. 97 Italy

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