News are,as you can see, many and -we hope - all interestring

After the succesful tour of  Rudi Protrudi & The Others, set by  our Association during the past December, we've been able to set anoter tour in April with Link Protrudi and The Jaymen, while right now,,during the next weeks, di Giugno there will be 3 shows of the mighty  Fuzztones - the newyorkline-up of "Lysergic Emanations" ,finally back in Italy after 13 years! We tried very hard to set a whole tour but due to the hot weather in June all the  clubs close,so we definitely wanna try in September/October, as we've been asked also by many clubs in Spain, Germany, Swiss, North Italy,that might be the right time for a longer and better advertised tour.We'll keep you posted in time don't worry!

Since the Autumn we definitely wanna set more tours,we'll try to bring back bands like the incredibly great scottish  Thanes and the new sensational Saturn V featuring Orbit (both have releases available on out labels) as well as many other bands we know since so long,all interested in playing in south Europe.

We are still not sure about the exact date of the MISTY LANE FESTIVAL in Rome ,but it'll take place in Autum probably,we'll let you know,obviously!

Meanwhile we did put out many record releases for our members/subscribers, here's a list :

7" EP ( * ) :
KING ARTHUR'S QUART (first combo of a young Rudi Protrudi (1966!!!) with 4 garage punk fuzz blasts!!!!
BOSS MARTIANS Brand new EP with 1 track surf instrumental and 3 garage-beat songs!!!
SATURN V FEATURING ORBIT Great super-group from S. Francisco, Surf and beat a go go!
HOOD WINKS New english garage-Mod band,fuzz and Farfisa to the fore! Debut 45 single!
ROOKIES folk - punk at its best! 4 obscure covers (truly fab ) and a sound to match!!
LES INCAPABLES Canadian garage beat ye ye a go go!! EP with 4 primal tracks!
BRADIPOS IV/ SCRITERIATI Split  EP between 2 of the hottest surf/instro bands of the moment!

LPs ( **) :
"TIME TO TIME" New fab comp with garage bands from Europe and U.S. :  Sick Rose (!),Satelliters, Rudi and The Others, Shadows Of Reflections, Rising Few, Hunchbacked Men, Sleepwalkers, Frantic V, Cardinals, Bang!, Girl Bombs, Les Incapables, Maggots! Great  artwork-60's style ,complete with fab pics ,  liner notes , info on the  bands! Not to be missed if you wanna know the current garage scene worldwide!

"THEMES FOR BATHING BEAUTIES AND WOODIES!" Finally the first surf LP on Teen Sound! Includes unreleased tracks by : Boss Martians, Saturn V Featuring Orbit, Sir Finks, Treblemakers, Girl Bombs, Royal Knightmares, Slow Slushy Boys, Middle Finger and His Finger Tips, Overtones, Ray Daytona and the Goo Goo Bombos! Pics, surf comics & info on the  bands! Not to be missed if you wanna know the current instro-surf scene worldwide!
"YELLOW,PURPLE AND GREEN" new Lp by THE OTHERS, split this time with Craig Moore of Gonn (!) on one side and Rudi Protrudi (Fuzztones!) on the other side. Three generations of garagers in a whole album! Between classic covers (the subtitle  is "A Garage Compendium") e "scoops" ( Craig Moore sings "Bad Little Woman" ,"Can't Judge a Book" after re-viewing good part of his Gonn set , circa 1966 / 67 ) and Rudi Protrudi presents with The Others "the pebble" "Penis Between Us", his first original song from 1966! Pics, infos and funny stories  complete the whole...definitely a record that'll become a  "cult item" real soon!!!

10" ****
GROUP $0ALL "Definite, Complete Recordings 1967"
 Group $0all were a great obscure dutch band who recorded their solely  EP in 1967. Some tracks have been included in a  reissue EP  some years ago , which is already rare and expensive. The Misty Lane Association, con with the help of the original manager of Group $0all, Ton Maas and of Beat expert and researcher Lenny Helsing of the legendary Thanes have been diggin'out their whole story  into Misty Lane 17's in-depth interview.many fantastic pictures,extensive liner notes and a fabulous sound (from the master tapes !) make this release a real winner not to be missed, (limited edition of  500 copies exclusively for our members and subscribers) ,a passionate labour of love!. If you dig the beat and moody sound of nederbiet ,The Outsiders,Q'65, Motions this band is for you, you'll discover a "new" obscure legend of the european/dutch mid sixties beat explosion!!!

Finally - the new Misty Lane (17) magazine issue****- is almost ready. It'll include incredible interviews, esclusive, articles reviews, specials etc. Want some names? The Spiders, Illusions, Group $0all,Gonn, Rigor Mortis, >Les Homards Violets, Meanie Genies, Elan Portnoy, Rick Cona, Mc Fadden Parachute,  Tim Warren, Rookies, Tony Borlotti e i suoi Flauers, Scriteriati, Sound Explosion, Special Beach Movies, Kinky Comics,  and lotsa more! We'll try very hard to have it out by the upcoming Beat Festival in Castel S.Giovanni(Piacenza,near Milano) on the 25th and 26th of June. For the ones of you who won't be there you can always book it now or purchase since now the 7" EP of KING ARTHUR'S QUART given away with it,as it'll be for sale also separately.


Remeber to be able to purchase material from the Association's catalogue  you gotta be members (you pay it lire 5.000 per year with your first order ) or subscribers (20 % of discount on Mistry Lane Association' releases and many more ) - it lire 30.00 per year

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L. A. Pascucci, 66 - 00168 Roma ,Post Ag 97.

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Ringraziandovi ancora per il vostro aiuto vi salutiamo tutti,sperando di incontrarvi al Festival Beat il 25/26 Giugno.
Continuate a scriverci, ad inviarci suggerimenti, nuovi contatti, indirizzi di locali, news, date di concerti,la pagina Web dell'Associazione culturale Misty Lane a causa di tutte queste realizzazioni è stata rinviata all'estrate,ma siamo certi che piacerà a tutti i surfers di Internet. Il catalogo di B-Movies verrà aggiornato con altri 100 titoli entro Giugno. Il nuovo catalogo "Now Sound" è quasi pronto. Nel frattempo eccovi l'aggiornamento .Un grazie di cuore a  tutti gli associati che si sono dati da fare in prima persona aiutandoci ad organizzare concerti e serate.

Stay tuned for more!!!!

the misty crew

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