"Let's Live For Today" is known as Grass Roots hit.
The original was it's Italian version "Piangi Con' Me" by Rokes. They were british band that moved to Italy in '63. At first they backed Rock'n'Roll singer Colin Hicks.They soon cause a sensation for their look:long hair,leather jackets,high heel boots, and very soon became popular, They quite Colin Hicks and started their own play. In '64 they arrived in Roma to play in a famous club, the Piper, to have final consecration. They contracted with RCA.
Their total success came when they play at "the Festival of Unknowns" in Aricca,a small town nearby Rome, with the song "Un anima pura",a very quet song, originally written for Marino barreto jr. and for Dino.Dthis version was somthing new and inimitable, backed with,on vinyl, the pure Best of "Shake ask of you.Rokes  released English version "Let 's Live For Today " .
American group Grassroots released  "Piangi Con' Me"in Enlgish as "Let's Live For Today", the song made hit .

Let's Live For Today by Rokes  Video Clip

Piangi Con' Me

jpJapanese press Piangi Con Me

Bisogna Saper Rerdere (Japanese press) by Rokes

This is Japanese band Tempters. "Let's Live For Today " was flip of their double side killer debut 45.
They sung the song in Japanese
living daylights
Living Daylights/Japanese press

Catalan(a region of Spain) band XOCS covered it in their language as "Plora Per Ellis".

Dutch band The Skope covered it as "Be Mine Again".This band performed in glittering aluminum suits!

Peruvian band Los Silverton's  covered it
,Chilean band Los Beat 4 covered it too.

See "INCLUYE EL HIT Llora Commigo " tag
It means "Include the hit  Piangge Con me"

Brazilian band Os Incriveis covered on their 45

Greel bamd Idols covered as "Lost Friend " with different lyrics

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