Perhaps you'll recognize this scenario: you spend Big Bucks on a compilation of obscure 60's garage rock, eagerly slap it on the turntable, and sit back to enjoy the wild sounds and read about the bands...only to discover that the liner notes are in some little-known Montenegrin dialect! Then there are those annoying cases when a blurb on the LP jacket proclaims "Liner notes inside!" but when you open it up...nothing! (Well, there's probably an album inside, but big deal!). Let's face it, half the fun of these comps comes from reading about the tribulations of the misfit teenage band members as they tried to hit the big-time by playing their local high-school dances and releasing singles that were never heard outside of their immediate family. I guess what I'm trying to say is that liner notes just make a good compilation better, that's all, and when you can't read them, it's a damn shame.

   So we here at Cutie Morning Moon have decided to do something about this deplorable situation! Our crack team of scribes is working feverishly to translate the liner notes of a multitude of compilations into English, and you'll be able to view the results of their labor on this page in the months to come. We'll also present for your edification those "rare" liner notes that for some reason weren't included with the albums they discuss (such as those for Nightmares from the Underworld), or were rewritten after the comps' first, now impossible to find, print run (Pebbles #1). Yes, it's a lot of work just to find out that the typical liner note reads "We don't know who these guys were, or where they were from," but we like to think it's worth it.

  Thanks to Greg Shaw and our translators: Sandra Dee, Greg Langel , Constantine Mekios,Claus R.Olsen,Theo de Grood, Marko Niskapohja,H.Mcneill,Maria Grossi and David Barlin,Jan Roerhorst.

compiled by Menachem Turchick and Hitomi I

Pebbles #1 first edition
Pretty Thing by Greg Shaw
Nightmare from Underworld :Canadian '60s
Italian Beat Resurrection #5,#6
Italian Beat Resurection #7
Comme I Ragazzi Da Via Paal
Greek Garage Bands of the '60s 1st & 2nd ed
Q65 Revolution,Greatest Hits
Beat Express #1
Beat Expres #2
Beat Express #3
Beat Express#4

Israeri Rock From the 60s

BEAT CRAZY:Danish Beat
Pigtradmusik 1:Danish Beat
 Copenhagen Beat
More Copenhagen Beat1963-68

Swedish Beat
Stora Pop Boken  Disk1, Disk2, Disk 3

The Mascots
Los Mockers
Los Saicos


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