60's Italian Beat Resurrection are killer comps of '60s Italian Beat. This is translation from original Italian liner notes .

60's Italian Beat Resurrection #5

CLAUDIO: This song (Fuoco/Fire), probably recorded in 1968, was originally an Arthur Brown song, from England, and it was covered in Italy by the solo singer POP 1 (??). Claudio, from Milan, on the other hand, remains a mystery.

GIULIANO: Another version of the Deep Purple classic, with a touch of psychedelia that makes it very pleasant. Not much is known of Giuliano beyond his last name: Girardi. This song was probably recorded in '68.

ONDE BLU (Blue Waves): A 1969 single that proclaims the band as the Italian alter ego of the most famous Cream. The song "Layla" is nothing more than the Italian version of "Strange Brew." Unfortunately, we know very little about the band.

RIVELAZIONI (Revelations): A mysterious band from the late 60's; the band presents us with this single that has a pop-psych atmosphere.

TUBI LUNGIMIRANTI (Far-sighted Tubes): A cult band of the late 60's Italian beat scene. Composers of two singles between '68 and '70, on this comp they revisit the song "Il vento dell' est" ("The Wind from the East"), by Gian Pieretti. The group hailed from Fano in the province of Pesarro, and its leader was the extravagant Umberto Burtrighini (??) on vocals and lead guitar; Paolo del Bianco on backing vocals and guitar; Piervigi Mattiello on keyboards; Francesco del Bianco on bass; and Giorgio Grassi on drums. The band broke up in 1970 because of problems of a contractual nature. An album by Destination X has been released, with all 14 previously unreleased cuts from that period, among which are alternate versions of the 5 songs recorded for the 2 singles.

LE SENSAZIONI (The Sensations): A group from Piacenza that, under the name Nodi (Knots), invaded the town with pure beat sounds! With the advent of Psychedelia they changed their name and recorded this song on an acetate that had until this day been buried and was rejected by all major companies! The song called "Il viaggio" ("The Trip") takes on the "trip" issue that was a very much loved subject at the time. Fantastic Rubble sound from 1970!

PIPISTRELLI (The Bats): A band form Avellino that had two lead singers of British origin. The two covers give us an (unknown word) atmosphere. The songs were recorded during a performance in 1970. On keyboards is Michele Acampora, a ubiquitous figure on the beat scene in Campania!

PIMPS: A very obscure band from Bologna that was active between 1967 and 1973. The group was dedicated to a psychedelia that would soon turn progressive. They leave us this ultra rare acetate, of which only 20 copies were made in 1971.

FANTOMS: An extraordinary band from Turin that in 1967 recorded three songs for this single that made history in the sound of Italian beat. The songs have very peculiar structures, and killer use of fuzz and distortion. One of the rarest records of the time and perhaps one of the best! The band also recorded a second single the next year, an open protest against massacres and wars.

60's Italian Beat Resurrection #6

NURAGHS (Nuraghi are prehistoric constructions found in the mountains of Sardinia): A band from Sardinia that played in the mid-sixties. They recorded a pleasant single with strong beat tones. Here they cover the famous song by the Spencer Davis Group, "Keep On Running." Side A of this single, "Il Grab," can be found on 60's Italian Beat Resurrection #4.

MONELLI (Marauders): AKA the 5 Monelli. Hailing from the province of Bergamo, they are the creators of a typically Italian beat sound. They have 5 excellent singles. In this volume you can listen to 3 songs: "Latte Per Me," a Herman's Hermits cover ("No Milk Today"); "Sotto Il Mio Ombrello," a cover of the Hollies' "Bus Stop"; and "Pamela Pamela" by Graham Gouldman. On vol. 4 of our saga you can also find "Chi Sei."

4 CALIFFI (Caliphs): A Florentine band whose name later changed to the simpler I Califfi. Their first single, from 1965, was an exceptional version of "You Really Got Me" that was translated into Italian as "Ti Giuro E Cosi" (and appeared on 60's Italian Beat Resurrection #1), paired with the song "Sotto Casa Tua" ("Outside Your House"), a good original song with a wonderful organ solo. The Italian musical genius Paolo Tafani also played with this band!

LELLO TRISTANO E IL SUO COMPLESSO (Lello Tristano & His Band): I presume they came from the province of Romagna. Tristano and his band give us an Italian version of "I'm Crying" by the Animals. I think this single is dated 1965.

LES DOUBLES FACES: An unknown band that recorded this fantastic single with a garage/beat sound in 1966.

GIANNI LEGLER E I BROTHERS: A cover of the Bee Gees in their early, and best, period. A garage/beat pathos enhances this version of the song.

CICISBEI 70: Place of origin unknown. I assume that the band recorded two singles between 1966 and '68: one of good quality (the one on this volume), the other one to avoid like the plague!

KOLMANS: Ultra rare and unknown combo with an original song that takes your breath away! Distorted guitars, out of tune vocals...wow, it's garage time! Probably recorded in 1967. You can find the B side on the comp Come I Ragazzi Della Via Paal volume 1.

CALIPOP: This is the B side of their first single (the A side appeared on 60's Italian Beat Resurrection vol. 3). The band was from the Rome area and recorded two 45s between 1967 and 1968, of which the latest was the worst.

BUMPERS: A cult band for us at 60's Resurrection; you can find their laments on volumes 3 and 4 of our story. Bubble garage at its best! They have a handful of singles and an album together with Brain and Barrittas (Beat Mass!).

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