Head and The Hares are 90's Italian band, not 60's NE band!! When I listened their sound at first, I was happily surprised that they are modern Italian band!

I love them because they have real '60s spirit & '66 US sound.

If you love comps 'New England Teen Scene' 'Relative Distance' , or bands Rising Storm, The Squires and '60s folk rock-punk, You should listen them soon!!

Their 2nd album'Autumn Song Book' Now on sale!


The Origins of Head and the Hares date back to the fall of 1988 when Massimo di Gianfracesco, Andrea Roberti and Alessandro Cozzi Lepri decided to form a band. Along with two other members who have since been replaced, the Spookies were born.Originally inspired by compilations like Back from the Grave and 80s garage bands such as the Chesterfield Kings and Wylde Mammoths they began work on a set of originals and covers.

As time went on, they became more influenced by mid-60s garage bands from the US. Many bands from New England area were particular favorites and it was those bands which prompted a change in their sound, and name. In 1991 the Spookies became Head and the Hares in honor of the Massachusetts band of the same name who released one 45 in 1966. By this time Roberto Sarais and Diego Filippi had replaced the original Spookies members.

In early 1992 they made and inexpensive demo tape which included a cover version of a song by the original Head and the Hares "I Won't Come Back" as well as some original songs. A copy of this tape was sent to Dave Brown of Distortions Records(and Sandoz Lome!)fame for his opinion. Dave surprised the band by offering to release an EP of the material. Shortly thereafter , he decided that an entire LP would be more appropriate, and in the fall of 1992 the debut LP Head and the Hares was released on Moulty Records. This record was a brilliant blend of garage and folk-rock that captured the classic New England sound of the 60s.Mixing obscure covers with original material, this record is quite easily the best garage album to have come out in years! This record received many favorable reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Alessadro Cozzi Lepri-Organ, Rythm Guiter

Diego Filipi-Drums

Andrea Roberti-Bass

Massimo di Gianfrancesco-Vocals

Roberto Sarais-Guiter

from the liner notes of Frozen Laughter :A tribute to the Rising Storm

by Aram Heller (Stanton Park Records)

I first heard Head and the Hares several years ago when they sent me an early demo tape. On the tape were a few self-recorded songs. What I remember most, however, is that the second side was a non-stop cassette recording of the session that produced the demo. There were lots of stops, starts and talking in between takes which I thought was pretty funny. I then realized that the song they were trying to record was "I Won't Come Back," the A-side of the only 45 the '60s band Head and the Hares ever recorded! Pretty cool said I.

Since I was in no position to take them on, I wrote them a note and then pretty much forgot about the band....

1992.Dave Brown sends me a LP by a new band from Italy that he thinks I might like. Do I want to put it in the catalog?? That band was Head and the Hares. One listen was all it took. I was immediately taken by the way they approached the material, their sound, and the choice of material. In the few years since I had heard the above demo tape, they had developed a sound that was uncannily like many of the mid-'60s New England garage bands. They had picked up on the moody element inherent in so many of those records. What's more, they interpreted that sound almost perfectly yet added a fresh feel with their original songs!! Many bands who take the 'primitive' road wind up sounding kind of silly. They overdo it. Too much fuzz. Too much snarl. Not enough song! Not so with Head and the Hares! They have created their own version of the New England garage-folk/rock that is exciting, authentic sounding and most of all has substance!

Autumn Songbook, like their debut, absolutely captures the essence of the mid-'60s New England garage-folk/rock scene without being a carbon copy. It is almost unbelievable that this record was made in the 1990s except that the recording quality gives it away. Sprinkling a few well chosen covers among the originals, Head and the Hares have come up with the record that many bands try so hard (without success) to make. Stay tuned later this fall and see! ====================================================================================================================================================

The leaves are turning brown, the days are getting shorter because the Sun Is Going Away. I try to hold on as I fall apart, it's so hard to just Live And Die. Can't help thinking of our lost love that will never happen again-when we fell in love, It Happened In The Springtime. The sound of the new born birds chirping would drown out all of your evil Lies. How was I to know what would happen Tomorrow when you used your silly witchcraft and You Cursed Me. You took my soul right outta my eyes and now I feel so bad that I think I'm Gonna Kill You. My mind is just filled with mixed up Velvet Illusions and I Think I'm Going Insane. Why did things have to turn out this way? Why will I Never Be Happy?? Although you are gone and I have to go on and face this empty Life, Why Must You Fade Away??
-Dave Brown (from the liner notes)

Andrea Robelti (bass) wrote its information for Cutie Morning Moon reader!

Hi folks !!!! I'm very proud to announce you the forthcoming release of the Head and the Hares new LP "Autumn Songbook". After two years of hard work to do the Mixing, the Cover Sleeve,the final Master, thanks to the coolest guy ever Mr. Haram "Stanton Park" Heller you will have the chance to hear 12 new glittering songs of (I hope) one of your favorite 60's band !!!!!!
I'M GONNA KILL YOU To start this 2nd album here's a typical H/H moooooody folk-punker. For all those cool guys who dig our first LP, this one will BLOW you OUT.

NEVER BE HAPPY This is a cover of the FAB Satisfaction's tune!! Ok,Ok the lyrics are quite a mess but who CARES !! Check out the GREAT solo !!!!!

I THINK I'M GOING INSANE Thee Fuzz Royal Acid Punk. I really dig this track. I think it has a real cool "Painted Faces" atmosphere: an explosive mixture of tenderness and wilderness, and an AMAZING fuzz guitar sound !!

LIVE AND DIE Yet another cover for all the Texas punk lovers. Originally written and played by the BARONS this is one of the best Folk-Punker ever. Check the ultra cool lyrics like "Don't tell me how to live or ask me what I want to be" Boss !!!

LIES This is an original H/H composition. It's a fab pop&catchy dance tune. Perfect for your WILD Party !!!!

TOMORROW SO FAR This is a quite unusual song for H/H. A solid mod-fuzz tune, with strange and cryyyyyptiiic lyrics about how far is our future !!! More England than NEW England, but still cool.

WHY MUST YOU FADE AWAY The first track of the side b is a journey trough the magic fields of New England Teen Sound. Moody organ paths; folkish guitar riffs; driving up-beat drums and "lease don't leave me" lyrics. If "Bright light blue skys" is one of your fav songs, you'll love this one.

LIFE The first time we listened this song we couldn't believe that this was an european group. Originally the Nameless came from Holland but they sound like an american mid-west garage band !! That's why we like this song, and that's why we covered it. Hope you will enjoy our version !!

SUN'S GONNA AWAY This is probably one of the best H/H tracks. It has a unique sound, great guitars work an incisive drumming and wonderful vocal harmonies!!! Don't follow anymore/the sun is gonna away !!!

SHE CURSED ME This is a fast BEAT tune with a cool riff, a "cool down boys" break and screamin' jaggerish vocal !! The evil side of H/H !!!

IT HAPPENED IN SPRINGTIME Did you ever fall in love during the springtime? Did you lost this love? This one is for you!!! Another New England style dreamy tune. Wonderful vocal harmonies.

VELVET ILLUSION A real CULT song to finsh our work. This was a must in our concert. DIIIIIIIG IIIITTTTT !!!!!!

Ok that's all. Now you know, more or less, what you will find in the album, I hope you will also LISTENED it with your old TURNTABLE !!!! (Sorry no CD for the moment !!!)

Stay cool ANDREA
Head and The Hares :Moulty Records(Distortions) MLP105 out of print

Head and The Hares :their first album is released on CD (1bonus song),GETHIP GH1037

'Two Tymes/Lost' Moulty :Stanton Park M 107

from the review in "Misty Lane"#15
If 2 of the best american indie garage labels produce a record together you can be sure there must be something good in here.This band actually spent some years listening to New England garage bands only and it's not surprising how they managed to release only good records. They prove it here with a great folk-punk original and an outstanding version of the obscure classic"Lost". Unfortunately since the band changed all the line up (only the singer continues since then and there's no organ anymore) the sound has changed to a more raw english R&B type stuff. If I say unfortunately it's just for the many of us who appreciated the purist moody side of this band. So look for their '95 LP on Stanton Park there's some good stuff in there too.

Frozen Laughter A tribute to the Rising Storm : Stanton Park Records STP021

'Painted Air,No Use Tryin''How Many'

Outer Limits OL 62.705

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