Great Scots(Great Scotts)

They were from Nova Scotia . The band started in '62 as The Beavers.They covered Link Wray,Eddie Cochran. After Beatles, they changed Their music style changed.

Beavers changed the name to Great Scots,

Dave Isner said

Dave:We never really had that image in mind. The promoter that took us to New Yourk to introduce us to Columbia Records, and our manager at the time came up with the idea. They decided to play up the cultural thing since Nova Scotia is actually New Scotland. It was more or less a gimmick to drwau attention to what we were doing ,because everyone had a gimmick at the time!

from interview by Greg Prevost 'The Great Lost Great Scots album'sundazed SC11048

Japanese '60s band Carnabeats covered their ' Give Me Lovin' in Japanese as 'Omae ni Mucyu sa'.(and some other bands covered Carnabeats version later)

French '60s Antoine and Les Problemes covered it in French as 'IlSuffiraitDfun Rien'.

It is mysterious that not famous 'Give me loving ' was covered in Europe and Japan!