Namelosers was the Swedish wildest Beat Band in the '60s. At first they started as Beachers, the name was taken from Beatles and Serchers. In '64 they released first EP which including 'New Orleans, Bama Lama Bama Loo,What'd I Say,Around and Around'. But they received a lawsuit-threat from a group named Beachers.This Beachers said that they had a right to use the name.
So the band  should change the name. <On the other hand another Beachers called themselves as Origianl Beachers.They were good beat band too.>A radio station held 'Name the Band contest'for them. The winning entry was The Namelosers! They released 'New Orleans' again as Namelosers on EMI. It reached #3 in Swedish chart! The singer Tommy Hanssson said 'When he saw Beatles on TV at first, he didn't like them because he thought they looked horrible ,horrible hear style'. But their hear became longer than Beatles!
In April '65 They released next 45 "The Dog/But I'm So Blue".
I think their 'Land of 1000 dances' is most killer cover version. They played the song in wild  fuzz version!
It was recorded after Jonny and Christpher went to London for their vacation. They were influenced from Who, and made fuzz box . They beleived it's hit, but unfortunately it failed .

We can hear their all recordings and some unreleased on Namelosers LP/CD from Got To Hurry Redords.


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