East European Bands


Olympic was Czecho Slovakian Top Band. They Started as Rock'n'Roll band. In late '60s they changed their music to prog rock.

Matadors were Dzecho Slovakian Band.This is their first album.

The Flamengo Group (Czechoslovakia)

Siluete (Yugoslavia)

Caerwone Gitary

Czerwone Gitary

  They were formed in January 1965 by Jerzy Kossela (g, voc.) in Gdansk, a major Polish port. This city had always been ahead of the rest of the country in absorbing new ideas, because sailors brought trendy western records and reported what they had seen at the other side of the Iron Curtain.

Their classic line-up included (apart from Kossela):  Krzysztof Klenczon- g, voc, Bernard Dornowski - g,voc, Seweryn Krajewski - bg, voc and Jerzy Skrzypczyk - dr, voc. The last two guys had to pick nicknamesbecause they were still musical high-school students at the time and so banned from playing in a "big-beat" combo. They did a lot of gigs at the seaside launching the slogan "We play and sing the loudest in Poland".
Their shows continued to draw thousands of young fans. The rising popularity enabled them to go into the studio to record in May for the radio and in the fall for their first EP (EPs were a standard record format at the time in Poland; 45's were much rarer than in the West). In late '66 they recorded their first lp "To wlasnie my" (released in '67). Their second album "2" was sold in record 260 000 copies and the band started to sweep the board in all kinds of rankings, charts andcompetitions.

Seweryn Krajewski , Jerzy Skrzypczyk, Krzysztof Klenczon,      Bernard Dornowski

  Their music was largely influenced by the British Invasion, especially the Beatles.  They persisted with that cheerful,psychedelia-uncontaminated sound until '69 even though it had been long outdated in the West. Although they didn't rock very hard, they were talented songwriters.  The result was they produced hit after hit and even if one doesn't like their poppy style, it should be admitted though they never did a cover! This is really exceptional'cause the bands that released 3 lps worth of material in the '60s without a cover could  be
counted on the fingers of one hand.
  However, in 1967 Kossela left and then in 1970 Klenczon  did to form Trzy Korony, a much tougher outfit. Krajewski took the lead but the band turned to mainstream folklore-tinged pop, perhaps not of interest to the
reader of this page. They disbanded around 1979. Now they are the best remembered 60's band in Poland.

Trivia: the band received a special mention from Billboard in 1969.

Niebiesko Czarni
Nebesko Czarni is another Polish band.The name means the Blue'n'Blacks.


Omega(Hangally) They became famous progressive rock band later.