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Shilah , (As backing band) '64?, CBS  Germany
Tokio/SkinnyMinny, as 5liverpools '64 ,CBS1623  Germany 
Lum D' Lum D' Lum High/Good Golly Miss Molly ,  

as Liverpool 5 

'64 Picadilly 1255 UK
Everything Al' Right/That's what I Want '65 RCA 47-8578 USA
Everything Al' Right/That's what I Want  

エヴリシング オールライト/ザッツ ホワット アイ ウォント

'65 Victor SS-1583 JAPAN
If You Gotta Go,Go Now/Too Far Out '65 RCA 47-8660 USA
Heart/I Just Can't Believe it '66 RCA 47-8725 USA
Sister Love/She’s mine '66 RCA 47-8816 USA
New derections/What a crazy world(We're living in) '66 RCA 47-8906 USA
Any what that you want me/The snake '66 RCA 47-8968 USA
She's Mine/Heart  


'67 Victor SS1733 JAPAN
Cloudy/She's(Got Plenty of love) '67 RCA 47-9158 USA
Heart/? Canada
Out of Site TK151 USA
IF YOU GOTTA GO,GO NOW/Heart/Too far out/I just can't belieave it '65 RCA 86493 France
IF YOU GOTTA GO,GO NOW/Too far out/That's what I want/Everything's alright '65 RCA 3-20957 Spain
BABY OUT OF SIGHT/Gotta get a move on/Any way that you want me/My generation ? CitationELAC008 Thai

Rip It UP/Tokio/Memphis Tenessee/Skinny Minny/Needles And Pins/Good Golly MIss Molly/Boom Boom/Can I Get A Witness/Let The Sun-Shine In/Mickey's Monkey/Everything's Allright /Poison Ivy 

'65 CBS62460 Germany

She's Mine/Sister Love/I'm Not Your SteppingStone/A Shot of Rhythm and Blues/Let the Sunshine in/What a Crazy World (We 'reLiving In)/That's What Love Will Do (To You)/Just a Little Bit/Hey LittleGirl/I Just Can't Believe It/Sticks and Stones/Heart  


RCA Victor  


LPM 3583(mono)

Out Of Sight 

Any Way That You Want Me/My Generation/Piccadilly Line/I Can OnlyGive You Everything/Baby,Out of Sight/Gotta Get a Move On/She's( Got Plenty ofLove)/Do You Believe/The Snake/I'm Your Hoochie Cooche Man/Get Away 


RCA Victor 

LSP 3682 (stereo) 

LMP 3682 (mono)

ARRIVE RCA LSP3583(st.) Germany
Out Of Sight RCA LSP3682(st.) Germany
*PROMO LP(The flip side is featuring Astronauts )  RCA USA

(promotional box set)Record 3, Side 2: The Liverpool  

Five Sticks and Stones/A Shot of Rhythm and Blues/I'm Not Your SteppingStone/Gotta Get a Move On/The Snake/Any Way That You Want Me 

RCA Victor PRS-250  USA
RCA Victor LPM3583 Argenitna
*thanks for my friends to make discography  

Some comps include their stuff.

'She's Mine' and 'Piccadilly line' appears on 'Broken Dreams vol.4.'

'New Directions' on 'MindRocker vol.9' ‘Everything's al right' on 'Hide and Seek'

'Piccadilly line' and 'Heart' on CD 'Nowhere Men Free' LCD 19-2

Their album are reissued on Bootleg .

Liverpool Five (in Japanese)
Liverpool Five in English
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