We are attacked from their double winner single 'Fight Fire/Get Away Girl' on killer comp 'Hipsville 29 B.C.'

They started as The Larks in Mckeesport, Pennsylvania. Denny Nicholson on lead gutier, Dick Newton on rhythm guiter, and Tom Juneko on drums. They were only 16 years old.

In early '65,WMCK deejay Terry Lee Cought their music. It was the bigging of the story. He managed them,and the band changed the name to Fantastic Deejays! Their early stuff was recorded in the WMCK studio after the midnight, and were on the air all day.

After School they spent their practice in the basement of Dick Newton's home. And they had gig on weekend.

'Fight Fire' was a Golliwogs' number. We can listen original one on 'Scorpio Record Story' one of  Nuggets from Golden State  series from Big Beat.(CDWIKD 129)

Golliwogs became famous CCR later. Terry Lee loved the song and show it to them.

Terry Lee and Dee Jays from The Fantastic Dee Jays Photo book
   Terry was not content to just polish the appearnce of the band. Days after school were spent locked aqay in the basement of Dick Newton's home. Terry made it a point to be at every practice to be sure that quality time was put into the music.He not only picked the songs they plyed, but organized theri set and saw to it that the show was tight-no dead space between the songs. The hours were long and the work was hard,and the boys soon began to wonder if maybe Terry sasn't going a little overboard with his enthusiasm.
One thing the DeeJays had in their favor was that their set was only a half-hour long.Terry didn't believe in overexposing tyhe band,preferring to leave the audience hungry for more.Such a short stage appearance also made the band wonder if all the work was going to be worth it.

The DeeJays' agonizing vanished with their first appearance at the Saturday night dance.Decked out in their new suits and sporting new equipment ,the band roared thorough tyheir set.The crowd went berserk,yelling,screaming and rushing the stage.The boys were shocked and amazed. Terry just smiled.He knew it would be like this all along.

The following night,Terry began the radio hype."You've got to see the DeeJays",he said."They are fantastic!" The description stuck. Kids came from all over to hear the new sound of ...The Fantastic DeeJays.

Deejays played as one of opening act for the Rolling Stones in '66.

The bands has became the Swamp Rats .

Terry Lee found another band called Arondies.Recently Get Hip reissued their 45, "69"and "El Rondie".(GHAS-69)
Arondiesfrom the liner notes:WMCK DJ Terry Lee , who was looking for bands to promote at dances and record hops,was impressed with the acetate discs taht drummer Bill Scully and bassist Gary Pittman brought to him one night. Teenage listeners were impressed too, particularly with "69".Consequently, the band began to play at Lee-promoted dances, which quickly gained them a huge local following. They would gig constantly -often two or three engagements per night!
terry lee show Listen '60s Terry Lee Show

T.L.Show open,Big Boss Men/Pretty Things,Ouickey Pizza Spot,It's not easy/Swamp Rats,Super Heese Routine/Paul Engle,T.L.Talk,Bull Fight Song,Arondies,Studio Audience ROutine,Walk/Fenways,Lovers Promo,Don't You Ever/Terry Klein,T.L.Show open #1,Be Careful Little Girl/Fenways,T.L.Sloppy Pop Spot,Comedy Routine,Tiddley diddley/Don Hopkins,T.L.Talk,WMCK JINGLE,Shy Girl/Fantastic Dee Jays,T/L/Party Kit Spot/Paul Engle,Carol Ann/Johnny Blue&The Monvales,How We Were Before/Terry Lee,T.L.Show close,WMCK SIGH OFF.


We can listen their songs on

The Fantastic Dee Jays "Same titled "30th Anniversary Re-Issue album Millennnia Records

'Fight Fire,Get Away Girl,T&C Lancers'  Gethip GHAS-1Get Hip Record

BURGHERS Vol.1(Comp) includes Swanmp Rats,Arondies,Fantastic Dee Jays and other bands from Steeltown. Big Wink Records

On Crude PA #2, The Creations (PA band) covered 'Love Is Tuff'.

I wish Someone release their unreleased tracks!!
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