Los Brincos was one of most popular band in '60s Spain.They were formed in '64.
Juan Pardo(guitar vocals)
Fernando Arbex(drums vocals)
Antonio "Junior"Morales(guitar vocals)
LManalo Gonzales(bass)

Soon after they contracted with Zafiro Records, the record compay released their record on the sub label called Novola.In Nov '64 they debuted with a LP and two EPs and 2 singles.
Some songs they sung in English and another in Spanish.One of the single,"Flamenco" got Number one hit.It was fab spanish flamenco rock..They did more Top one hit "Borracho","Tu Me Dijiste Adios".Thier second album(NL1004) was released as box with 12page colour booklet.This alubum titled Los Brincos same as their first one.(NL1001) After releasing 3more albums and many 45s they disbanded in '70.


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