BIET HET #4 Jeugdzonden

The raging hormones of the young, their enormous urge to prove themselves and their inability to temper their earnestness with humor have, at the very least, enriched our musical culture, and perhaps even defined it for the most part. The concept of naivite may have negative connotations for many, but in music it is the most important quality. Musicians often look upon their very first recordings with mixed feelings or even with deep shame. There's no need for that. It is a widespread fallacy that singles recorded in a thoughtless explosion of youthful recklessness are of lesser cultural value and musical quality than the thought-out, methodical products of mature musicians. To put it more forcefully: many musicians would be wise to make a study of those recordings they regard as "sins of youth", in order to refresh the memory of their faded ideals and to restore some of the enthusiasm from the early days of their careers to their current work. For let's not beat around the bush: did Leen Huizing ever sing better than with his band The Driftin' Five? Didn't Ben Cramer miss out on an international rock 'n' roll career by leaving the road he took with the Sparklings at an early stage? Doesn't Armand owe his status as a star to the fact that Johnny Hoes threw away his talent as a protest singer and switched to the more lucrative genre of tear-jerkers? And what would the world have looked like had Ad Visser carried on eating mushrooms instead of toasted bread in the canteen of Avro's Top Pop? This album is an album of unfulfilled promises. The phrase "sins of youth" is absolutely out of place. If there is any sin at all on this album, it is found in the remainder of the artists' careers. Because who wouldn't trade Jan Cremer's entire literary production for an album with the quality of the tracks on this record? And wouldn't Mick Jagger have paled in comparison had Ivo Niehe continued his musical career instead of dedicating himself to hosting TV shows? On this album you can hear clearly that an awful lot of talent is being wasted in the Netherlands. Of course a man like Andre van Duin is a great artist, but he's never created anything better than his very first recordings. And how many Grammy-awards did Linda van Dijck give up by abandoning her Booboos and choosing a career in 'T Gooi? We at the Arnheim Musical Institute truly hope that this unique document will lead to a re-evaluation of the concept "the sins of youth". And we especially hope that the tracks selected for this compilation will inspire all musicians to an uninhibited display of naive emotion and enthusiastic behavior. In thirty years we'll be happy to assess the results.

Drs. Pate, Arnheim Musical Institute ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The explanatory notes below were kindly provided by our translator, Theo de Grood. Be sure to visit his Louie Louie web site!)

Leen Huizing - aka Lee Towers, singer-crooner of awful Sinatra-like repertoire, loved by everyone in Holland with an IQ below 70, which makes him very popular.

Ben Cramer - something like Huizing, not as popular but definitely as distasteful. Be thankful I include no photograph of him.

Armand - Protest singer-songwriter, ambassador of marijuana-smoking Holland, does exactly the same thing as in '67. Had two hits back then: 'Ben ik te min' (Ain't I good enough) and 'Een van hen ben ik' (One of them is me). Although destined to be a lifelong hippie, he at least stayed close to his roots.

Johnny Hoes - founder/owner of Dutch record label 'Telstar' which has a big reputation in Holland and Flemish-speaking Belgium for lots of tear-jerkers and 'naughty' songs. You don't want to know more about him.

Ad Visser - had a psychedelic radio-program in the 60's. After that became host of a TV-Top-40-program (TopPop by AVRO-tv-station) and creator of the most terrible new-age shite you can imagine.

Jan Cremer - Dutch author/painter, wrote some bestsellers in the 60's; likes to be regarded as a kind of Dutch Jack Kerouac. Lives currently in New York (of course).

Ivo Niehe - talkshowhost; You get a dirty taste in the mouth if you watch him for more than two minutes. Listening to what he says causes even worse effects.

Andre van Duin - comedian; not as funny as the word suggests.

Linda van Dijck - in the 60's lead singer of 'Boo and the Booboos'; left music business to become an actress. Never heard of her since then.

'T Gooi - part of Holland near Amsterdam where all national TV and radio-stations are located. 'Media-centre' of the Netherlands.



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