Danbeat VEST-1
Beat Creazy was killer Danish comp which was released in '88, it was only 300 limited edition.


The Bristols:

These are the Bristols [referring to the accompanying photograph] who are gonna be GUNILLA THORN'S accompanists. The gentleman with the nice hair to the left is a hairstylist, very indicative, the name is Torben Weeberg and he plays the drums. Per Hald plays lead guitar, Kai Christensen is the organist and then there's Herman who's last name no one's able to remember, because it's German but anyone can hear when he's playing the rhythm. Last gentleman in the row is Poul Hald, the others Hald's brother, and he plays the bass. Now Gunilla ought to be happy!!!

The Hunt:

The Hunt consists of 5 people, including; one salesman, one serigraph, one machine worker and one apprentice to a merchant. The band has been together for about 2½ years and they often play covers of the Rolling Stones and Kinks. Most of them have had long hair but when they found out that people listen to their music no matter if they have long hair or not, they decided to cut it off; it resulted in some problems in their daily work. The band often plays at the Beathouse in Ålborg. From the left the band members are: Arvid Gram Larsen, bass and 16 years old, Uff Christensen, lead singer and 19 years old, Hardy Christensen, lead guitar and 20 years old, Arne Toft, rhythm guitar and 18 years old and Jens Andreassen, drums and 18 years old.

Danny & the Royal Strings:

One of the most popular bands in the province, Danny & the Royal Strings from Nykøbing Falster released their first single on Odeon a few months ago. Both sides, "Come Right Back" and "Promise You'll Do" were composed by their rhythm guitarist, Birger Nielsen. The first pressings were sold out in a few days. The second pressing is now also sold out and the third pressing is now being produced.  An impressive result for a debut record. The cause is probably the big reputation that Danny & the Royal Strings are getting in Zealand and Lolland-Falster. Just like the Great Belt is disconnected the Funen-Jutlandic bands from the East Denmark the belt somehow also has separated the Danny's from the West Danish pop market. Unbelievably, 'cause the band is unconditionally one of the very best on this side of the Great Belt outside Copenhagen. They have only done one Jutland Tour. The band was formed in January 1963. At this moment (January 1965), now that their namesake Danny has left
the band, they are Lars Stryg (lead guitar), Ole Nielsen (bass), Birger Nielsen (rhythm guitar and lead vocal) and Jes Pedersen (drums).

Master Joseph & His Disciples:

The lead singer in this solid, Jutlandic band is Steffen Berg. He is 20 years old and when he got the nickname "Master Joseph" among his friends in Århus, the other members of the band, of which he is the leader, decided to call themselves "the Disciples." The group has played together for about one and a half years. Therefore they started a little bit late but the group has managed to "climb" up to lie side by side with the "old" and more well-known bands. The band's strong and the Jutlanders come from far away to hear them play. The band members are: Palle Vinholdt, 18 (drums), Ole Berg, 17 (lead guitar), Carsten Rosgaard, 19 (bass) and Jens Erik Jacobsen, 21 (rhythm), plus the Master himself.

Les Candidates:

Les Candidates are from Esbjerg. They have played together for 3 years and hold the title as Jutlandic champions in pigtråd for 1965. The group has just been elected as the most popular pop group in Esbjerg, and now they've recorded their debut record. Les Candidates are, with this recording, showing that they all love to play, and in order to get everybody to understand what "The Red Baron" is all about they sing this one in Danish. The B-side, "I'll Go Now," shows that the group's also capable of composing music in the Beatles style; singer Kurt Jacobsen's voice is very similar to that of the famous McCartney from the Beatles. By the way it's something new for a Danish recording to use original sound effects as in their version of "The Red Baron." Les Candidates are Kurt Jacobsen (bass, lead singer), Mogens Sigård (lead guitar), Allan Pedersen (drums) and Erik Gravengård (rhythm).

The Eagles:

Being a permanent house-band in the same youth club as the Rocking Ghosts means a lot. You can count on the audience being pampered and demanding music of a very high standard. And when it comes to attracting attention it's also quite difficult 'cause the Rocking Ghosts were very original with their performances as ghosts. It seems to be the Eagles' destiny to take the Rocking Ghosts place in the youth club. They're not quite as good but after some practicing and some more routines they'd be a dangerous competitor to the top of the pop. They have really got a lot of press coverage and that's the first step to stardom. The Eagles are the first Danish band to play at a religious service at the Sjælør Church (I live 30 meter from Sjælør Church!!) by pastor Bovmann. The idea comes from England and has proved to be very effective. Never before have so many young people been to a service in Sjælør Church, and it's very abnormal that the priest has to give his sermon two times becaus of the many people standing outside the church trying to get in. All this wars done with the saying "you must talk to the youth in their own language" in mind. The Eagles keep cool, now that things are running for them. Of the service the band members say: "It doesn't mean anything to me, I can't see anything wrong with playing in a church if the priest himself has asked you to play"(Kaj, bass player). "It's good publicity for us which maybe means that we'll become popular. It doesn't offend my Christian belief" (Bjarne, lead singer). "Publicity is publicity and if we didn't do this some other band would - you just have to say yes when you get the chance" (Jan, lead guitarist). "Of course it's a strange feeling playing in a church - but when the priest enjoys it, it's okay. And a little bit of publicity doesn't hurt anyone" (Jørgen, rhythm guitar). "As long as we don't get paid for it, it's okay I think - maybe we've also done a good deed. When we then also get good publicity it's very positive - but we'd have done it anyway even if we didn't get any publicity at all" (Martin, drums). This specific service was about the story of the lost son -translated to modern language- and played by young people from the region. The priest succeeded in speaking to the people in a way they understood. The Eagles really helped the priest in getting in touch with all these young people. Now we can only hope that the Eagles will have success in places other than churches in the future. Maybe the Rocking Ghosts wanna give them some tips and tricks.

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